• From the Morrow operation of the 60´s to current techniques. 

Heart Transplantation and artificial assistance devices

  • Why do Spain, Croatia and USA have so many organ donors?
  • Changes in the postoperative management of HTX

Innovation is an easy word but, who is really pushing?

  • Motivating the trainees on research is essential
  • Any mission for the undergraduates in the University or College?
  • Scientific societies: what are they doing in practice?
  • The model of departmental organization and its implications
  • Engineers are becoming a frequent partner in Cardiovascular field
  • Is MIS still innovative or already a routine?
  • The 2023 robotics in CTS: Last innovations after more than 25 years?
  • The crucial role of industry in CTS and its complex (?) partnership.

Education in Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • The cost of training a CT Surgeon world wide:
    • In USA and Australia
    • In Europe
    • In Middle East and Asia
    • Peculiarities of China training
    • In Africa: Differences from North and South
  • An approach to best worldwide teaching programs
  • Why do some countries have so few candidates?
  • Migration of professionals: some pay a lot for others benefit?
  • Towards a new paradigm?
  • A common trunk in
    • Cardiovascular Medicine
    • Pulmonology Medicine
  • Simulation in cardiac surgery and CPB


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José L. Pomar

President of the 32nd Congress

International Organizing Committee

Hermann Reichenspurner

Hamburg, Germany

Sotirios Prapas

Vice Chancellor
Athens, Greece

Vipin Zamvar

General Secretary
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Afksendiyos Kalangos

Geneve, Switzerland

Marko Turina

Senior Advisor
Zurich, Switzerland

Stuart Jamieson

Past Chancellor
San Diego, CA , USA

Local Organizing Committee 

Manuel Castellá

Cardiovascular Surgery

Daniel Pereda

Cardiovascular Surgery

Eduardo Quintana

Cardiovascular Surgery

Elena Sandoval

Cardiovascular Surgery

María Ascaso

Cardiovascular Surgery

Vicente Riambau

Vascular Surgery

Marta Sitges

Cardiology Image

Carlos Mestres

Cardiovascular Surgery

Jorge Alcocer

Jorge Rodríguez-Roda

Cardiovascular Surgery

Steve Livesey

Cardiovascular Surgery