• From the Morrow operation of the 60´s to current techniques. 

Heart Transplantation and artificial assistance devices

  • Why do Spain, Croatia and USA have so many organ donors?
  • Changes in the postoperative management of HTX

Innovation is an easy word but, who is really pushing?

  • Motivating the trainees on research is essential
  • Any mission for the undergraduates in the University or College?
  • Scientific societies: what are they doing in practice?
  • The model of departmental organization and its implications
  • Engineers are becoming a frequent partner in Cardiovascular field
  • Is MIS still innovative or already a routine?
  • The 2023 robotics in CTS: Last innovations after more than 25 years?
  • The crucial role of industry in CTS and its complex (?) partnership.

Education in Cardiothoracic Surgery

  • The cost of training a CT Surgeon world wide:
    • In USA and Australia
    • In Europe
    • In Middle East and Asia
    • Peculiarities of China training
    • In Africa: Differences from North and South
  • An approach to best worldwide teaching programs
  • Why do some countries have so few candidates?
  • Migration of professionals: some pay a lot for others benefit?
  • Towards a new paradigm?
  • A common trunk in
    • Cardiovascular Medicine
    • Pulmonology Medicine
  • Simulation in cardiac surgery and CPB


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